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The Gemtex pool interior lining is one of the last steps to be completed in a poolscaping project, and before we can apply the interior the coping pavers need to be installed and finished, the waterline tiles are laid and grouted completely, all the pumps and filtration equipment must be fully operational, all the various fittings need to be available on site. Most importantly the fence needs to be installed and certified as we start to fill the pool on the day of installation. Most jobs are completed within a day, but in some cases it may be over two days depending on the size and detail of the pool.


Prior to the day of application a member of the team will check and prepare the pool by clearing out any minor debris or water that may have accumulated over night, and includes trimming and sealing the pipes, undercutting the waterline tiles, pressure cleaning and acid wash the shell, these steps are crucial to ensure maximum adhesion of the render to the shell. This process does not include cleaning out excessive amounts of water or builders rubbish. On the day of application the Gemtex team will set up tarps over the pool to protect against any minor inclement weather or direct sun ensuring a finish of the highest standard.


Most Gemtex pool interiors will be spray applied direct to the pool shell from our truck by a specially mounted mixer and pump. This ensures consistency of mix and also helps with the delivery of material on difficult sites. On smaller pools or spas this may be done by power mixing in the pool itself.


Following application of the render to the shell our specialist team hand trowel the render onto the prepared pool shell, giving particular attention to the steps, ledges and swim outs etc to ensure a smooth finish to the curves and contours for an expert finish. Should the weather be excessively hot, high winds or low humidity, we exercise extreme caution during application to control shrinkage and rapid drying of the lining assuring the project is of the highest standard.

Initial Curing

After the render has been towelled several times to assure the correct finish it is allowed to cure for a period, to harden slightly before the exposure stage.


This stage is the most critical that gives Gemtex interiors their smooth, one of a kind appearance. The entire pool is brought to life by lightly and very evenly pressure washing the surface to reveal the exquisite quartz and glass beads below leaving you with a stunning pool sparkling pool finish.

Filling the Pool

The Gemtex team will then start to fill the pool, which must be allowed filled uninterrupted without the hose being moved or turned off. To do so can cause a permanent ring around the pool due to a differential in curing. Newly applied Gemtex interiors must not be walked on for a minimum 24-36 hours.

After Care

Gemtex recommends that you follow their initial Start-Up and maintenance procedure for best results. On the day of application you will be left with a copy of the start-up requirements and general maintenance information or you can also download a copy for tips and hints on keeping your pool sparkling all year round.

Gemtex also recommend the pool water to be chemically balanced at all times; unbalanced pool water can cause scale build-up or corrosion of your pool equipment. With a few regular checks you can prevent major problems in the future. Although many new swimming pools are largely automated, they do require maintenance to keep them in optimum health.

For further information about water balancing and specific pool care advice speak to your local pool shop or SPASA NSW.

Fact Sheet

For more information about the site preperation required before your Gemtex Interior can be applied. Download Our Fact Sheet