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Gemtex is a range of factory manufactured, quality controlled, and specially formulated high performance cementisious based swimming pool renders, designed for applying over a reinforced concrete pool or spa shell in both New and Renovated situations. Gemtex combines quality pigments with cement, glass crystals and other chemicals, which when exposed create a pool finish like no other.Gemtex pool renders have the added advantages of being aesthetically pleasing, soft on the skin, non irritant, highly durable, non fading and easy to clean.Gemtex pool renders come in a vast array of colours that are limited only by your imagination and when combined with the specially matched Gemtex range of Mosaic waterline tiles they create that elusive and highly sought after WOW factor so often missing with most other pool renders.
Yes Gemtex does offer free sample colour chips. Go to the Request a Sample tab on the home page, fill in the form and Gemtex will send the sample chip free of charge. For larger or non standard colour samples a charge may be applicable which will be refundable when an order is placed.
Gemtex was released onto the market around nine years ago so relatively new in that sense however it was in development for quite some time prior to that and has fast become one of the most desired pool linings gaining a large market share because of its colour range and smooth finish.
Gemtex prices are competitive with most other products on the market and cover a wide range. Give Gemtex a call with the size of your pool and we will give you an indicative price over the phone, or email a plan showing dimensions for a firm price.
No Gemtex will not fade due to the overall formula, quality of the raw materials used, the type and quantity of pigments and in particular the glass beads.
Yes Gemtex is one of the few to offer a complete start to finish supply and install service in the Sydney, Wollongong, Newcastle, and some NSW regional areas. Gemtex only use the most experienced trained installers, guaranteeing you a first class job.
Gemtex would not recommend their products be installed by inexperienced individuals as an unsatisfactory result is inevitable.
Gemtex would not recommend their products be installed by inexperienced individuals as an unsatisfactory result is inevitable.
Gemtex highly recommend the use of waterline tiles. This addition adds to the aesthetics, and helps create the finishing touch by allowing you to choose a waterline tile to either blend in with or contrast to your chosen Gemtex colour. Waterline tiles will further help to prevent any high-low waterline marks, scum or sunscreen from appearing on the surface of your Gemtex lining.As well Gemtex when wet, will darken, the waterline tile will eliminate this variance between wet and dry as the joint between the Gemtex and the waterline tiles will occur below the waterline.Gemtex display and carry a large range of waterline tiles at very competitive prices.
Yes assuming the structure is sound Gemtex is suitable for new and renovated concrete pools regardless of whether it is currently Marble Sheen, Paint or Pebble or tiled. Gemtex will bring the appearance of your pool interior up to the most spectacular finish available. See our Preparation and Installation recommendations for guidelines.
Gemtex is suitable for all pools domestic and commercial alike. We recommend you discuss your requirements with one of our consultants.
Gemtex has been formulated to be as durable as anything on the market with its basic ingredients being cements and aggregates. To maintain the appearance this will require you to maintain the pool on a normal regular basis, keeping the pool clean, free of leaves and debris and the chemicals in balance at all times.
Installed in the correct manner Gemtex is one of the smoothest pool renders on the market today.
Gemtex recommend that the complete range of pool chemical balances be maintained at all times and that you regularly brush and vacuum the pool as leaves etc left rotting on the pool floor can in some instances cause staining.
Always use only top quality pool chemicals. Most all propriety brand pool chemicals can be used in a Gemtex pool however cheap chemicals are usually that and can cause many issues, check with Gemtex or your Pool chemical supplier if you have any concerns.
Yes due to its high density and chemical resistance Gemtex is suitable in both Salt and chlorinated pools.
No Gemtex itself once cured and maintained on a regular basis is highly stain resistant.
Gemtex is a specially formulated factory batched pool render that rates equal to or above any pool render currently on the market for Stain Resistance, Smoothness, Non Fading, Chemical Resistance, and Longevity.
Gemtex is supplied and installed by Gemtex and our team will arrive with our sign written installation vehicle, if you are concerned in any way or in doubt as to what is being supplied then please contact Gemtex to ensure the supply is genuine and that you will be covered by the Gemtex warrantyThere are strict Trade Practice laws relating to passing off.
Gemtex have a number of display pools (See the list under the tab “Display Pools”) take the guessing out of your selections by visiting one or more and take advantage of our sampling service and photo library emailing or chat with one of our trained staff.
Gemtex we would be happy to talk to your pool builder to explain in depth our system to put his/her mind at ease. In the event they are still uncomfortable in any way have your pool builder leave the interior out of the quote and Gemtex would be pleased to work directly for the client to achieve that stunning effect that only comes with a Gemtex pool lining.
Yes we do please see the PDF download under technical for a complete detailed installation guide or call Gemtex direct for a one on one discussion.
Yes Gemtex offer a (2) year warranty on all their products and installation.

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